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COVID-19 & Clinic Closures

Since clinic closures and interactions with patients coming to a halt I have more time to dive into the books that have been set aside for the last four years. Now is the perfect opportunity to dedicate more time for books that pique personal interest and imagination through the creative and artistic aspect of acupuncture. I am currently reading Acupuncture Imaging by Ph.D. Mark Seem. Here is a passage I would like to pass on to give you some food for thought. 

“By tracing and prodding the pathways of the body, acupuncture is primal, territorial and brings a person into deep contact with his body, body-image, and self. Body image is always touched by acupuncture, for the needling intervenes in the surface space where body armoring and defenses are at play in their effort to enable an individual to retain the integrity of body, mind and spirit in relation to the outside world.”

“In his discussion of the Hun, the spirit of the Liver energetic function, Larre clearly articulates the ancient Chinese conception of body-image: “By hereditary coding man would have the power to call up in himself the images that would guarantee all of his functions form the smallest to the most highly evolved.” 

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