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Questions & Answers

Does Acupuncture hurt? No, we use hairfine needles at specific points on the body to stimulate and relieve symptoms of disease. You might feel more sensation over bony areas, however, its rarely painful. 

Will I Feel It? Yes. However, it is very relaxing.


Why needles? Yes, it sounds odd. The needles are hair fine and gently stimulating. Acupuncture has been used for over 4,000 years. A medicine that old must work. 

Do you need to be sick or injured to benefit? No, the ideal acupuncture patients has no symptoms and we want to keep it that way. However, acupuncture works great to manage symptoms that do exist. 

Why should I try acupuncture? Acupuncture encourages patients to look at health from a new perspective. Most of us are use to Western medicine which focuses on what is sick and broken. It treats what has already happened, which is great! However, Eastern medicine works by strengthening the body and reminding it to do what it already knows how. This means improving basic functions of circulation, digestion, reducing stress, improving sleep and calming the nervous system. If our bodies are perfomring at their best potential, we shouldnt be sick or in pain. 

What is the general idea? The idea is that qi and blood are constantly circulating throughout the body. When there is proper circulation and free flow, we dont feel pain. As this function becomes blocked or deficient symptoms such as pain, dysfunction, mood disorders or other illnesses can arise. When a needle is inserted the brain recognizes it as a microtrauma, as a result, the body sends resources to this area. This triggers an inflammatory response and more circulation of oxygen, blood, and minerals to this area of the body to help the body recover.


Should I try it? Definitely. Why not try feeling even better than you already do?

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