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What We Do 


We specialize in a variety of styles of acupuncture to suit the needs of our patients. We specialize in integrating trigger point release with Chinese meridian therapy. Our unique combination of sports medicine and Chinese meridian therapy results in precise andeffective treatments. We pair this with cupping, electrical stimulation, bodywork, nutritional counseling and much more to achieve optimal results.


Instead of downward pressure like a deep tissue massage, cupping pulls the skin and fascia up off of the muscles. This unwinds taught bands and creates space for fresh blood to move in and nourish the tissue. Cupping increases circulation, warms tissues, releases myofascial tension and adhesions, promotes lymph circulation and pulls out pathogens in cases of cold and flu.

Gua Sha

Gua Sha is an ancient spoon scraping technique that relieves pain and increases microcirculation. It triggers a physiological process that results in superficial circulation while providing fascial stretch and helps break up fascial adhesions.


Auriculotherapy is ear acupuncture, it is commonly used adjunctively with treatments to help increase the potency of a regular acupuncture treatment. The ear is a microcosm of the entire body and therefore tons of points can be accessed through this small area. Auriculotherapy is beneficial for pain management, injuries, performance enhancement, mood disorders and much much more.

Trigger points:

A trigger point is a ropey band of muscle that is stuck in a partially contracted state, therefore, fresh blood cannot get in and waste products cannot get out of the contracted muscle. Needling into these bands of taught and ropey areas causes a muscular twitch and release of the muscle. Releasing these points promotes movement of blood and circulation, removes the blockage and allows the muscles to function fully.


Electro-acupuncture relaxes hypertonic muscles and increases microcirculation and oxygenation. The application of electricity also promotes healthy cellular function and increases ATP and protein synthesis. These functions are necessary to promote healing. Electro-acupuncture has been proven to reduce inflammation and speed up the healing of tendons and bones.


Moxa, artemesia vulgaris, or mugwort, is a Chinese herb. It is burned on top of the skin or on top of a needle to warm the points and channels, stimlulate immunity, and resolve pain

Tui Na and Shiatsu

Tui Na is Chinese medical massage. Shiatsu is Japanese massage. They are widely used to relax muscle tension and work with acupuncture points and energy meridians to bring the body back into harmony and resolve disease.

Oriental Nutritional Counseling

Oriental nutrition provides a knowledge base about food in terms of what foods feed what organs and are nourishing or draining to certain diseases.

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