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About Gwen 


Athletic Accomplishments 


Broken Arrow Triple Crown - 1st place female

Never Summer 60K- 1st place female & Course record

UTMB TDS - 28th place female 

USA Skimo Nationals- 7th place vertical 


Javelina 100k - 4th place female

Silverton Ultra Dirty 100 miler 2021- 1st place female 

Zion 100- 1st place female 

Moab Red Hot - 3rd place female 


Sangre De Cristo 100k- 2nd place female 

Chinese medicine first influenced me at a very young age. As a life long runner, from competitive soccer to mountain trails, my experiences with injury are extensive. Early on I found acupuncture as a tool for recovery and prevention, receiving treatments at the Southwest Acupuncture College student clinic in Boulder. Naturally, as I experienced the abundance of benefits, I was drawn to the medicine.


In 2012 I moved to Leadville for the first time. My passion for trail running and outdoor recreation brought me to Colorado Mountain College and the surrounding peaks. The college allowed me to earn a degree and pursue my outdoor passions.


Eventually my experiences led me back to the Southwest Acupuncture College, but as a student. In August 2019, I earned a Masters of Acupuncture and a Masters of Chinese Herbal Medicine, becoming a nationally board-certified acupuncturist. The masters program consists of over 3,000 didactic and clinical hours over the course of four years. During the program I specialized in sports medicine and Japanese meridian therapy; taking in depth classes in orthopedic anatomy, sports medicine while treating in a variety of acupuncture student clinics. In my third year of studying, I had the opportunity to study in China at the Heilong Jiang University Hospital of Chinese medicine. Here I completed a program of study in a hospital specializing in neurological conditions and stroke recovery. I spent the four years of school studying under Ph.D, LAc. Jefferey Dann, learning Japanese meridian therapy; this included palpatory diagnosis, gentle techniques and superficial stimulation. 


With a new perception of healthcare and a deep fire for the mountains, I now get to return to Leadville. Through offering affordable and alternative medicine, I look forward to serving the community of Leadville.

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